2012 Schedule & a Present from the ‘Belles

This morning’s post is short & sweet (VERY sweet)! We’re releasing our new 2012 schedule, even though the studio doesn’t open until the 16th of January.  We know that our girls are jonesing for some KettleBelle action, so we’ll continue to put up W.O.D.s every 1-3 days until we open for the year.  We’ve listened to the feedback from 2011, and added new evening & weekend classes, as our goal for this year is pretty simple: expose as many women as possible to strength training with kettlebells.

Without further delay, here is the new 2012 schedule & payment options:

You can read more about the class descriptions on our website.

Finally, we promised a special treat! We couldn’t think of a better way to get more women through our studio doors (and therefore send more superwomen out of our studio doors stronger & healthier) than to tempt you with an insanely priced offer. For 24 hours only, we have a Living Social deal on.  You can find more information here.  And, if you buy the deal and get three of your friends to also buy the deal, you get yours for free!

To clarify, this deal is applicable for any of our drop-in classes with the exception of Saturday Shred Sessions and SuperWomen Sundays. Our 5 week SWING!!! course is also not part of the offer. All sessions have to be redeemed within 1 month of the first session, but you have until May to use the voucher. One per person. Oh, and you can buy them as gifts for those superwomen in your lives!

Lots of KettleBelle love,


Donna & Charlie


About Cambridge KettleBelles

Cambridge Kettlebelles is a women-only training centre based in Cambridge, England. We offer kettlebell & flexibility courses as well as drop-in foam rolling sessions. We can provide personal training for individuals, small groups, & companies. We have big plans for the future: a larger variety of courses, additional dates & times, and weekend getaways! We believe that ‘Strong is Sexy’ and use a variety of training methods (think kettlebells, suspension training, & bodyweight exercises) to increase strength, reduce fat, and help our clients achieve the shapely sculpted bodies they desire. We provide an effective nutritional plan and a women-only support site to complement training & maximize results!
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2 Responses to 2012 Schedule & a Present from the ‘Belles

  1. Diane says:

    Would really love to come along and try out the abs and ass and also the swing class? What would the price be for doing each class? I can see the packages are a lot cheaper but my work hours are so hectic at the moment 🙂

    • Hey Diane, prices are on the photos. Depends on the length of the class & then yoga & foam rolling have their own prices. If you can make it to 3+ in a month, you’ll save a lot by getting the Living Social deal :o) x

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