The KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge 2011

The countdown to December is on! Less than 48 hours until The KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge begins.  I suppose I should shed some light on the who, what, where, when, and whys of this challenge (I know, that is so grade 7)!

Who?  Me, and anyone who wants to join me. I’d love to have women from all around the world doing this challenge with me! 

What? Every day, the KettleBelle advent calendar will allow you to discover a ‘treat’ behind that day’s date! Usually it will be a quick, intense, fun workout for you to try! Sometimes it will be a rest day and I’ll share with you some of my clean eating culinary secrets so that you can make healthy treats to keep you on track over the holiday season. For the workouts, I’ll be maintaining a leaderboard, so you’ll want to email/comment on the workouts letting me know how you got on!

Where? Your own home. If you’ve got a kettlebell, you’re set. If you don’t have a kettlebell, buy yourself an early Christmas present 😉 They’re available EVERYWHERE these days! If that’s just not an option, don’t worry, as I’ll give you alternatives that will use everyday items found in your home, such as an easy-going pet. Just kidding, don’t even try to swing your cat – things will not end well!

When? Every single day of December. From the 1st to the 25th, you’ll be treated to the luck of the advent calendar. From the 26th to the 31st, I have a surprise planned for you! 

Why? The average person puts on 11 pounds in the 5 weeks leading up to Christmas! Every year, we get to choose if we want to be average or not.  I choose not.  I’ve been detoxing for the past 5 weeks knowing that December is going to be a ‘relaxed’ month in terms of my nutrition, but I do not want to jeopardize all of the positive gains I’ve made recently, and so I am doing MAJOR damage prevention!  The workouts are going to be for the whole body, so nothing gets left out!  You’ll also be getting some tips about staying in control and not going overboard! 

Let’s end 2011 with a BANG! Who wants to begin 2012 stronger, fitter, healthier, & happier?  If that sounds like you  . . . well, I hope you know what to do 😉 (join me on this challenge). 

Take a look at your 2011 advent calendar below… but you have to wait until Thursday to see what I’ve got in store! 




P.S.  These workouts are 10 minutes, MAX.  Everyone can find 10 spare minutes in their day! They are suitable for all levels (modifications will be given). 



About Cambridge KettleBelles

Cambridge Kettlebelles is a women-only training centre based in Cambridge, England. We offer kettlebell & flexibility courses as well as drop-in foam rolling sessions. We can provide personal training for individuals, small groups, & companies. We have big plans for the future: a larger variety of courses, additional dates & times, and weekend getaways! We believe that ‘Strong is Sexy’ and use a variety of training methods (think kettlebells, suspension training, & bodyweight exercises) to increase strength, reduce fat, and help our clients achieve the shapely sculpted bodies they desire. We provide an effective nutritional plan and a women-only support site to complement training & maximize results!
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