Introducing SuperWomen Sundays! (oh, & other exciting news too)!

Supply & demand.

You keep asking for weekend classes & courses, so that’s what you’re gonna get!  SuperWomen Sundays kicks off on 27/11/11 & if successful, will continue to run monthly, in addition to other weekend classes that will be added to the schedule soon.

What is SuperWomen Sundays? In a babybell (what I imagine the kettlebell equivalent of a nutshell to be), SuperWomen Sundays is a series of five 45 minute sessions back-to-back in the middle of the day. The purpose is to allow those who haven’t made it by the studio yet to experience the variety of courses we have to offer, and to give our regulars a great excuse to stay active throughout the weekend. You can either book per session at a daringly low price of 6 quid a pop, OR, you can save a fiver by booking the whole day for only £25!

These sessions are suitable for all levels of experience. Fear not, SWING!!! graduates, for you will be given a more challenging workout in the Kettlebell Taster Sesh that begins the day! For more details, check out the poster at the end of this post.

I promised you some ‘other exciting news’ as well! We are going to be launching more evening classes  AND we will be running classes thru’ the Christmas holidays!

Lastly, The KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge kicks off on December 1st. I hope that all of you will take part in this amazing adventure with me, especially you, Mom! More details will be announced this weekend, but basically, if you’ve ever considered buying a kettlebell, GET ONE NOW so that you have it for the challenge. If you’ve never done kettlebells and aren’t sure, don’t worry… I will provide you with a list of ridiculous home substitutions that will get you through the daily workouts. This is coming from the girl who has 2 different sized pumpkins in her living room that her husband isn’t allowed to throw out because they’re ‘medicine balls.’    Anyway, it will be fab & will keep us all strong & functional throughout the holiday season & there is a cute little logo to boot:

Read on to learn more about SuperWomen Sundays!!!

Remember, something is better than nothing (for many things, like fitness, not necessarily for other things).  If you haven’t got off your butt today, I want you to drop & give me 3 rounds of 10 tricep dips, resting 20s between rounds. Dips are demo’d HERE.

Please subscribe if you enjoyed this post & want to take part in the challenge – EVERYTHING will go up via this blog!!




About Cambridge KettleBelles

Cambridge Kettlebelles is a women-only training centre based in Cambridge, England. We offer kettlebell & flexibility courses as well as drop-in foam rolling sessions. We can provide personal training for individuals, small groups, & companies. We have big plans for the future: a larger variety of courses, additional dates & times, and weekend getaways! We believe that ‘Strong is Sexy’ and use a variety of training methods (think kettlebells, suspension training, & bodyweight exercises) to increase strength, reduce fat, and help our clients achieve the shapely sculpted bodies they desire. We provide an effective nutritional plan and a women-only support site to complement training & maximize results!
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