Interval Cleaning

In today’s day and age there never seems to be enough time in the day. Each morning presents a new challenge of how to juggle work, family, house cleaning, and fitness, among other tasks.  Unfortunately, daily workouts usually take a back seat. If you’re a worrier like I am, this has the consequence of increasing stress levels & causing cortisol secretion.  Higher & prolonged levels of cortisol in the body leads to increased blood pressure, lowered immune responses, and increased abdominal fat.  Not good!

So, what can you do when you find yourself  torn between cleaning the house & working out? Interval cleaning! Okay, so your calorie burn might not be as high as it would be with a  dedicated workout of similar length, but vigorous house cleaning can definitely raise your heart rate, and positively effect on your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. The bonus is that your house WILL get cleaner, which will also reduce your level of stress!

All you need is an interval timer of some sort.  If you have a GYMBOSS that you can clip to your shirt, this is ideal as you can set your work & rest periods, and the alarm will eliminate the need to constantly keep checking your watch. There are numerous free interval timer apps available for smartphones, and you can even find online interval timers such as this one to keep you focused.

My interval cleaning workout for the day was a 10/1  – – 10 minutes of cleaning, 1 minute of recovery.  I worked for 60 minutes total as I have 6 rooms in my house. Starting with the living room,  and finishing with the bathroom, I managed to clean every single living area of my house today.  Of course some rooms need longer than others, but that’s either a job for tomorrow or for the husband 🙂  I raced up and down stairs, scrubbed harder than I’d ever scrubbed before, performed a few ‘get ups’ whenever i needed to reach under the sofa or bed for something and vacuumed with a vengeance!

Not once did I check Facebook or my email. I only had 10 minutes per room and wasn’t about to waste any of that on the computer!  During my minute of  recovery, I re-hydrated & prepared myself for the next room.  This is also when I moved the vacuum upstairs for the second half of the workout or pulled some disposable nitrile gloves from the linen closet before tackling the bathroom.

My house is now 60 minutes cleaner, I’ve had a bit of exercise to kick off my busy afternoon, and I consumed one-quarter of my daily water requirement.  It was the most productive cleaning I’ve done in a long time.  The weird adrenaline rush it provided as I raced against my GYMBOSS meant I also had some fun! So much fun, that I’ll probably do it again tomorrow 🙂

Go ahead and try it.





About Cambridge KettleBelles

Cambridge Kettlebelles is a women-only training centre based in Cambridge, England. We offer kettlebell & flexibility courses as well as drop-in foam rolling sessions. We can provide personal training for individuals, small groups, & companies. We have big plans for the future: a larger variety of courses, additional dates & times, and weekend getaways! We believe that ‘Strong is Sexy’ and use a variety of training methods (think kettlebells, suspension training, & bodyweight exercises) to increase strength, reduce fat, and help our clients achieve the shapely sculpted bodies they desire. We provide an effective nutritional plan and a women-only support site to complement training & maximize results!
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