Strength, not Size

This past month has absolutely flown by at the Cambridge KettleBelles studio! Next monday will be the final session of our inaugural 6-week SWING!!! beginners kettlebell course and I have to say, it has been a brilliant 5 weeks so far.  We have 6 women registered in SWING!!!, and they were of varying levels of experience prior to beginning. One thing they all have in common is that they recognise the importance of strength training for women and don’t let common women’s fitness myths hold them back from getting the most out of their training.  We wholeheartedly advocate that ‘Strong is the New Skinny’ and our KettleBelles truly embody this!

The kettlebell can be intimidating – it looks like a cast iron cannonball with a handle – but it can quickly become a woman’s favorite piece of fitness equipment. Kettlebells are:

  • compact: take them to a park or on vacation, and there’s no need for a dedicated home gym space
  • versatile: with a single kettlebell and some bodyweight exercises, you can condition your entire body.
  • efficient: 20 minutes of kettlebells can easily constitute your workout for the day and have you burning calories for an additional 48 hours
  • complementary: they easily integrate into a running/cycling/swimming/walking/etc training program to give you a fantastic cross training workout.

Many women are under the impression that training with weights will cause them to bulk up, and so they stick to aerobics, pilates, running, and other training without load. In reality, women produce about 15-20x less testosterone than men and are incapable of attaining the ripped bodybuilder physique without some chemical aid and a seriously custom diet.  Using heavy weights will promote strength, and not size (although muscles will inevitably become more visible as you lose the fat layer that’s hiding them, giving the coveted ‘toned’ effect). To read more about why heavy weights won’t bulk up a woman, check out this excellent article.

Our KettleBelle courses are designed so that you get a total body workout (with a mix of cardio training and strength training) and will leave you burning fat for a further 48 hours.  Our 6 week SWING!!! course will introduce you to kettlebells and teach you the fundamental kettlebell exercises (swing, clean, military press, snatch, turkish getup, windmill, squat) and their variations. After we spend some time on technique, you’ll be put through your paces in a workout that’s never the same! By the end of the course, you’ll be welcome to attend any of our  kettlebell courses on offer.

Beginning in November, there will be some exciting additions to the KettleBelles timetable, including yoga, foam rolling, CrossFit-style drop-in sessions, Ab sessions, and many more which still need to be confirmed. If you know any fitness instructors who have a special skill set to offer (pilates, zumba, etc), please send them our way as we have empty time slots in the schedule to fill!  Finally, we will soon be offering gift cards – these would make perfect Christmas present for the woman who takes her fitness & health seriously (or for a Bride-to-be in your life who wants to look as fabulous as possible for her wedding)!

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Keep on swinging 😉




About Cambridge KettleBelles

Cambridge Kettlebelles is a women-only training centre based in Cambridge, England. We offer kettlebell & flexibility courses as well as drop-in foam rolling sessions. We can provide personal training for individuals, small groups, & companies. We have big plans for the future: a larger variety of courses, additional dates & times, and weekend getaways! We believe that ‘Strong is Sexy’ and use a variety of training methods (think kettlebells, suspension training, & bodyweight exercises) to increase strength, reduce fat, and help our clients achieve the shapely sculpted bodies they desire. We provide an effective nutritional plan and a women-only support site to complement training & maximize results!
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