SuperWomen LOVE Pancakes!

It’s pancake day!  It’s a great excuse to eat clean pancakes (not that we need one).  Here’s one of our favorite recipes for clean Apple Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes. These are ‘American Canadian Pancakes’ so expect them to rise & get nice and fluffy!

Apple Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes

Dry ingredients:

1 C Wholegrain Spelt Flour

1/4 C Oat Flour (If you don’t have oat flour, take 1/4 C of oats & process to a fine texture)

1/4 C Brown Rice Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

1/4 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Himalayan Sea Salt

1 tsp Cinnamon

Wet Ingredients:

2 tbsp Agave Nectar

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1 C Rice or Coconut Milk

1/2 Greek Yogurt (or 1/2 C Dairy-Free Milk)

3 Eggs

3 tbsp Hemp Oil (or Coconut Oil)

1. Whisk everything together so a smooth batter is formed. Then, add a diced apple. You could add the apple with the wet ingredients but it might make it difficult to mix.

2. Heat a frying pan & add some coconut butter or hemp oil. Spoon some batter into the pan and cook until the edges brown and the bubbles rising to the surface stop popping and stay open. Flip once, and brown on the other side.

3. Top with a drizzle of agave nectar, a scoop of Booja Booja ice cream, or some almond butter. Eat with your hands (or be civilised and use a fork and knife).

Happy Pancake Day!  


The Belles

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SWS!!! Canceled & a W.O.D. that’s perfect for today!

Cambridge is COVERED! The Canadian half of us is thrilled that there’s so much snow on the ground (but she wishes it had happened in December).  We decided to cancel SWS!!! because of the inclement weather, which is unfortunate, but our main priority is staying safe.  We’ll be putting our heads together this week to figure out our next move with regards to the February SWS!!!

We want our Belles to stay nice and safe & warm. Here’s a quick little workout that’s guaranteed to keep you warm (you’ll have to keep yourself safe)!

 Skiers, Skaters, Snow Angels, & Snow Flakes are all great exercises that you can do WITHOUT any weights or equipment!  Please be mindful of your back when you’re doing the snow angels & remain tight through your core!

Lots of KettleBelle love,


Donna & Charlie

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Second SWS of the year – February Fun!!!

We’ve literally JUST announced our next date for our very popular SuperWomen Sundays!!! fitness fiasco :o)  February 5th is the date, and the line up is as follows:


We’ve made one awesome addition to Sunday’s schedule: As our last SWS!!! was only last weekend, we’ve decided to add in ‘Babes Who Box’ . . . Perhaps this would have more appropriately been named BAD-ASS BABES WHO BOX, or BoxingBelles, or something similar. We are open to suggestions!  February’s SWS!!! will see the debut of this new studio class, so we sincerely hope you like it. We are always thinking about what we can offer to make us different from our ‘competitors’ – although, we’re pretty sure we’re the only centre in Cambridge training SuperWomen & promising superpowers, so there’s really no competition :o)

But with that in mind, do let us know if there is a class you’d like to see offered at The KettleBelles’ studio. Better yet, hook us up with an instructor who is passionate about women’s fitness!


Lots of Belle Love,

D & C

Oh, P.S.  Last time, we ran out of places in less than 48 hours! There are already a few all day spaces gone and it’s only been a few hours :o)

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Evening ladies!! Just want to talk about this week because it has been a PHENOMENAL week for Cambridge Bootcamps and Cambridge Kettlebelles.

Last weekend we were asked to organise a charity bootcamp to raise money for the Arthur Rank Hospice and raise awareness for the 2012 Gold Challenge  (See CEN report here:–> )  We had over 30 women show up and burpee, lunge, squat and  hop their way through 2 hours of training to raise just over £200 for the charity :O)

This weekend we organised our second ‘SUPER WOMAN SUNDAY’ which is a day event where you can taster all the classes we have on offer at the BELLES studio, or stay for the whole day #onlyforthehardcore and complete 4 hours of total body strength. We used kettlebells, Sandballs, TRX, BenderBalls, our trusty Gymboss, Bodyweight exercises, Pull-up bars, bands (for resistance when doing pull-ups or chin-ups), and finally we had relaxing Yoga with the lovely Rachael Moore. We were booked up within 48 hours of announcing this event which just shows you how popular they are, and many of our ladies achieved PB’s today with the Kettlebells or tried something they had never experienced before (Think Mountain Climbers on the TRX!) LOL!! 😉

We are extremely LUCKY to be surrounded by such positive, strong, focused women, who continue to make fantastic choices about Nutrition and exercise, and support us in whatever we put out there!! Watching all those amazing women achieve pull-ups today was the icing on the raw carrot cake for me this week!!!

Thank you all BELLES and BOOTCAMPERS for inspiring us and making it a pleasure to keep this business alive :O) Strong IS the new skinny! Find us on twitter with the hashtag #SINS2012!/CBKettlebelles

Lots of love the BELLES Charlie and Donna xxx

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Sign up for our January Sessions

Our SignUpGenius form is now live! We are using this system in the interim while we migrate towards a larger payment & booking system. From today, you can sign up for any of our studio classes until the end of January.  From next week, you will be able to sign up for February studio classes as well.

Visit this link to sign up.  You do have to register for the site, but if you’re already a Cambridge Bootcamper, you might already have an account. Sign up is very straightforward & (in this KettleBelle’s opinion) not personally invasive.

You’ll see that there are only 10 sign up slots per studio class (and a few more for running).  You can sign up & change your mind up until 24 hours before the class begins. Please don’t just show up at the studio if you haven’t signed up!

If you were lucky enough to snag a Living Social deal, these are good for one month from the date of first use  So that you get maximum use out of it, we’re giving you 31 days from start to finish.

Check out our course descriptions below:

Lots of KettleBelle love,



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2012 Schedule & a Present from the ‘Belles

This morning’s post is short & sweet (VERY sweet)! We’re releasing our new 2012 schedule, even though the studio doesn’t open until the 16th of January.  We know that our girls are jonesing for some KettleBelle action, so we’ll continue to put up W.O.D.s every 1-3 days until we open for the year.  We’ve listened to the feedback from 2011, and added new evening & weekend classes, as our goal for this year is pretty simple: expose as many women as possible to strength training with kettlebells.

Without further delay, here is the new 2012 schedule & payment options:

You can read more about the class descriptions on our website.

Finally, we promised a special treat! We couldn’t think of a better way to get more women through our studio doors (and therefore send more superwomen out of our studio doors stronger & healthier) than to tempt you with an insanely priced offer. For 24 hours only, we have a Living Social deal on.  You can find more information here.  And, if you buy the deal and get three of your friends to also buy the deal, you get yours for free!

To clarify, this deal is applicable for any of our drop-in classes with the exception of Saturday Shred Sessions and SuperWomen Sundays. Our 5 week SWING!!! course is also not part of the offer. All sessions have to be redeemed within 1 month of the first session, but you have until May to use the voucher. One per person. Oh, and you can buy them as gifts for those superwomen in your lives!

Lots of KettleBelle love,


Donna & Charlie

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My not-New Year’s Resolutions

This is my vision board for January. These aren’t New Year’s resolutions, as personally I’ve never had any success with making New Year’s resolutions! I’m planning on making a vision board for every month this year, as a visual reminder of my goals.  Also, I think it’s gorgeous ❤

There is a lot on here, but I’m very optimistic.  Some of these goals are challenges: I’ve joined the 10,000 swing challenge with over 280 other swingers (relax, mom!), which means that I have to complete 10,000 kettlebell swings in January.  If you were to swing daily, that is equal to about 333 per day. However, I’ll be on vacation for 7 days of the month (see goal of ‘Learn to Surf’ above!), and will need a few rest days, so I need to push myself to get some jam-packed high rep days in before and after!  I’m also doing the I ♥ to run” Running Streak! challenge where participants run at least a mile every single day for whatever duration they choose. I’m choosing to run every day until June 31st, which is 6 full months, and an absolute bare minimum of 182 miles (although, throw a marathon, marathon training, and other races in there, and I’ll far exceed that). I’ve completed my first run of 2012 and have already logged 2 miles (with some single leg touchdowns & inchworms thrown in for good measure).

I WISH I could say that my tricep (narrow) press-ups sucked, but the truth is, I can’t actually do them, so for now I’ll just say that they’re non-existent. I can do them from my knees, but really struggle to have my legs extended. Same goes for proper pull-ups! Something to work on.

Some of these goals  – – ‘Stop to smell the roses’ & ‘A mile in their shoes’ serve as constant reminders to be the best woman that I can be.  Sometimes I am so stressed or rushed that I miss the everyday beauty in my environment.  When I first moved to Cambridge, I was constantly in awe of the incredible ‘foreign’ place that I was fortunate enough to be experiencing, and I realised the other day that the scenery doesn’t phase me anymore, unless I’m actually ‘stopping to smell the roses’ and making a point of appreciating my surroundings. So, in January, I’m going to try to re-claim that feeling of wonderment and take lots of photos along the way.  ‘A mile in their shoes’ prevents me from being unnecessarily and unfairly critical, and I’m not sure anyone’s going to argue against that!

Ethos: the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. (merriam webster). 

Be Strong. Be Adventurous. Be Very Powerful. Love. Live Fully Completely. What more can a girl ask for, really? Everything that I do in January has to contribute to these guiding beliefs.

‘Help Women Get Strong & Healthy’ is one of the goals that is nearest & dearest to my heart.  When I first moved to Cambridge,  just a tad more than two years ago, I ended up joining Charlie’s bootcamps so that I would be able to develop my own social network and not rely on Justin’s labmates & friends (as lovely as they are, I just knew I needed some of my very own). Because of Charlie, my life has been forever changed.  She took me under her wing, educated me, mentored me, and encouraged me, and it goes without saying that I have absolutely blossomed in this past year.  She affected me in a way I could never have predicted, and I want to pass that along to every woman who comes through our studio doors with an open mind and a desire to train hard.

KettleBelle Besties @ New Year's Eve 2011

Our KettleBelles studio is only 4 months old, and it’s been quite the ride so far, but I’m hanging on and loving every minute of it.  The positive feedback loop keeps me going on those days when I (might) doubt myself.  When our KettleBelles tell me that their Christmases were full of workouts and fitness-related gifts, I get incredibly happy & excited, as I know that we’re in the middle of a women’s strength training revolution. Strong is the new skinny.

TracyBelle had an amazing Christmas!

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me this month, as one of my goals is to write every day. I’m planning on putting out some great blog posts & articles that will hopefully entertain as well as educate our loyal KettleBelle followers. If there’s anything specific that you’d like me to write about, let me know by emailing

My challenge for you, then, is to make your own vision board. I do this with all of my clients and it gives us a great idea of why we’re doing what we’re doing.  It doesn’t have to look like mine, and it can have pictures on it if that’s what motivates you to reach for the stars & achieve your goals.  Put it somewhere visible, but special, and look at it daily.

Lots of KettleBelle love, 



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2012 is gonna ROCK!

WOW!  We cannot believe that December is over and we’re already 15 hours into 2012. Where did the time go? What have the KettleBelles been up to since the last blog post nearly a month ago? Well, here’s a quick re-cap:

On December 1st, we unveiled our advent W.O.D. (Workout of the Day) calendar and encouraged our KettleBelles, bootcampers, and friends from around the globe to complete these short-but-sweet daily challenges. This was run alongside our Cambridge Bootcamps’ challenges, so our girls had plenty of options and really, NO EXCUSES for sitting on their butts all holiday!  Thank you to all of you who woke up early to open your advent calendar and then proceeded to kick some serious a** by completing these challenges. Some days were AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible), others were done ‘for time,’ and some days it was just about GETTING. IT. DONE. (!)  There were a few rest days thrown in to keep our ‘Belles fresh.  If you haven’t checked out the advent calendar on our website yet, it will stay up for the month of January so you can re-visit your favorite days (T.G.I.F., anyone?) and use them to supplement your bootcamps, 1-2-1 training, and home workout programs.

We were incredibly touched by the overwhelming response to these challenges, and fed off of the collective energy of The KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge to get us through our own workouts & daily to-do’s.  It makes us emotional (we are often emotional, but this amplified it 100x!!)  to witness so many women taking it upon themselves to become stronger, fitter & all-around healthier during what some would consider to be the most difficult month to do so.  Also, thank you for your patience with the browser compatibility issues that we had at the beginning. The moral of that story is to not use Internet Explorer. Period. Google Chrome is where it’s at!

Some of our favorite KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge moments:

We held our second ever SuperWomen Sundays!!! (SWS!!!) on the 18th of December and had a great turnout.   Our next SWS!!! will run on the 22nd of January from 11 – 3:45 and will, once again, consist of five 45 minute sessions that begin on the hour.  You can expect to use kettlebells, Jungle Gym suspension training, balance equipment, and bodyweight exercises at the first 4 sessions, and we’ll end the day on a relaxing note with some hatha/flow yoga taught by Rachael Moore.  There is a LOT of laughter on SuperWomen Sundays, as it is a relaxed and positive atmosphere. It’s a fantastic way to meet women from other bootcamps and studio classes and the perfect precursor to the week ahead. As always, our KettleBelles work their butts off, and we couldn’t be prouder! Here are a few snaps from our last SWS!!! so you can see for yourself:

cambridge kettlebells for women

cambridge kettlebells for women

cambridge kettlebells for women

cambridge kettlebells for women

Since Christmas, our ‘Belles have been keeping busy with the occasional W.O.D. It is our intention to keep putting up daily W.O.D.’s whenever the studio isn’t open for classes. If you’re stuck for a workout, check out the New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day Workouts below!

New Year's Eve W.O.D. with the Cambridge KettleBelles

Finally, we just want to let you know that the studio will be re-opening on the 16th of January, as Donna-Belle is on vacation on a (hopefully) sunny & warm island. Stay tuned for the 2012 KettleBelle studio schedule, which will be released late tonight!  By the way, we’re migrating to a new booking & payment system that will hopefully be up and running by that time.  We’ll let you know more when we’re ready to launch 🙂

Stay tuned for another blog post (or 2) this evening!


Love,  The KettleBelles

Happy New Year from Donna & Charlie ❤


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T.G.I.F. Turkish Getups It’s Friday

2 days down, 23 to go with the KettleBelles’  W.O.D. advent calendar! Hopefully everyone is getting on okay with the challenges. Please drop us an e-mail at and let us know!

There is something that has been bothering me lately.  I keep seeing ’12 Days of Christmas’ advertisements/giveaways/specials. All of these started on December 1st.  My problem with this is that the 12 Days of Christmas actually don’t start until Christmas day. They run into January and (usually) end the evening preceding Epiphany. I’m sure all of our KettleBelles will agree that it just isn’t right to hold a 12 Days of Christmas special three weeks early, and this is why immediately following the end of our advent calendar challenge (on December 25th), we begin our 12 Days of Fitness challenge! More information to come later.

Anyway, back to the day.  I had a fantastic day with the challenges. The KettleBelles’ W.O.D. was short and sweet, and aptly named T.G.I.F.   I wrote this workout for a few reasons: 1.  I think TGUs are an excellent de-stressing exercise because they require focus throughout the whole move. 2. TGUs are fantastic for developing shoulder strength, and I know that practicing TGUs has made my military press better. 3. Star jumps are just plain fun! My intention wasn’t for everyone to time themselves doing this workout of the day because I would rather they focus on correct technique to get the maximum benefits of the exercise instead of flying through it incorrectly.  And then I woke up to a post by my KettleBelle in crime, Charlie Wall, saying she had done this W.O.D. in 6 min 30 seconds. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to NOT time myself when the time came for me to do it too!

Personal Best! 50 Burpees DONE.

I decided to start my day with the Hot Croatian Burpee Challenge that Adrijana is running. I really love doing burpees …  as long as I’m in bare feet. When I’m wearing trainers at bootcamp they seem so dreadful, and a large part of that is because trainers make feet feel clunky. So, I spread out my yoga mat in my living room, dressed minimally in a sports bra & boycut pants (for streamlining purposes), and just went for it!  Yesterday it took me just over 2 minutes to do 50 burpees.  I thought that was pretty fast, and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to beat it.  BUT, I’m happy to say that I PB’d on my burpees this morning and finished 50 in a time of 1 min 48.9 seconds.  I have no idea how the heck I’m gonna top that tomorrow, but it would be a shame to peak so early in the week! How long does it take you to do 50 burpees?

After finishing the W.O.D. for December 2nd!

We had a photo shoot at the studio today, so you’ll be seeing some new photos of Charlie & me popping up on the website, Facebook, and this blog!  I even tried to film a few 3D videos of my favorite kettlebell exercises, but I’m not sure how they’ll turn out. How cool will it be to have 3D workouts posted on our website? I can just picture all of our KettleBelle followers working out in their 3D anaglyph glasses!

This evening I decided to go back to the studio to film myself doing the KettleBelle W.O.D., do my Press-Ups to Failure Challenge, and get a sandball workout done with the new toys that Charlie has just bought.  I’ll post the video of my doing the T.G.I.F. workout tomorrow, for your viewing pleasure!  I ended up doing the workout in 6 minutes 18 seconds.  After I recovered, I did my press-ups and managed 28 full press-ups in a row before collapsing.

I finished off my day with a sandball smashdown workout. 5 rounds of 20 smashdowns with a sandball of unknown weight. I recovered for about a minute between rounds. This made me feel absolutely amazing and was the perfect way to end the day. A sandball is definitely on my xmas wishlist this year – it’s the perfect vacation workout toy!

I have some very exciting news to tell you all about! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow or  Sunday though, as it’s this KettleBelle’s bedtime.



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Day 1 of the Christmas Challenge!

This is what I found behind Day 1 of my KettleBelle advent calendar!

Normally this KettleBelle tries to get to bed by 10:30  – – you know, to keep the cortisol levels low & help her body recover & all 😉 This was just not possible last night! Last night was ‘December Eve’  .  . . the final evening of November . . . and the night before Day 1 of  The KettleBelles’ Christmas Challenge! This meant that it was time to release the ‘new’ chalkboard-style website & accompanying Christmas Challenge page to the world.  However, I didn’t anticipate all of the problems that I was going to encounter, and so it finally got uploaded to the FTP server at 3 am.  Then I spend an hour this morning fixing a compatibility issue. Finally though, I was ready to begin my day… and complete my own challenge!

I did a bit of mobility work before starting the W.O.D. for December 1st. I laid out two yoga mats so that I wouldn’t be slipping & sliding while doing my press-ups and walk-outs, programmed my gymboss for 8 minutes, strategically placed my water bottle…. and went for it!  I pushed myself and used an 8kg kettlebell for extra resistance. When my gymboss beeped, I had done 4.5 rounds. Give it a go and let me know how you got on!

After the Christmas W.O.D.! See our pretty chalkboard wall, pink floor, pink gymboss, and purple kettlebell? ❤

I recovered briefly after this before starting a second workout- appropriately titled Peg Leg –  although in reality, I should have made it a 40/20 instead of 30/30 workout (where the first number is the work period in seconds and the second is the rest period).  It would have challenged me (And Whitney who did it an hour before) just a little bit more!  Am I worried, though? Not at all! I still have my Hot Croatian Burpee challenge, Press-Ups to Failure challenge, and a 30 minute run this evening. Add to that 12 miles of cycling that I’ll end up doing over the course of the day, and I’m feeling set!

I’ve got to think of a nice little workout to hide behind Day 2 now!  A little birdie told me that there’s going to be boxing at bootcamp in the morning, and I’ve got an 8 mile run right after, so I need to think of something nice and complementary!

I hope you’re enjoying these challenges so far! Please continue to let me know via email to, Facebook, twitter, or in person how you get on with everything.  Oh, and if you’re interested in doing ‘Peg Leg,’ here’s the workout:

Peg Leg! Cambridge KettleBelles' Studio W.O.D. 01/12/2011

Edited to add:  I managed my 50 Hot Croatian Burpees in 2 min, 4 sec! And did 25 press-ups before crumbling to the floor 🙂 Off for a run now.



P.S.  The KettleBelle advent calendar is on our website . Just click on the Christmas Challenge image, and then select the appropriate day on the advent calendar. This should direct you to the W.O.D.

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